Thursday, 1 August 2013

Geeks are not Hipsters...!!!!!

Ok. So I am someone who understands, and is actually pretty happy, that geeks are now seen as "cool". As a teenager I was a closeted geek, hiding behind an emo-looking fringe. I enjoyed getting good marks at school and was a fantasy-geek (also with a bit of a love of sci-fi), spending my time counting down the days to the next Harry Potter book or film release, playing video games like Runescape and wanting to be in Lord of the Rings (although, to my shame, I have not read the books yet...). I'd spend my time online watching Weebl and Bob, or the latest Rathergood or Matazone animation.

Basically, I wasn't the sort of person who was in the popular group. I was fortunate enough not to be at a school where people got beaten up, but I often found that I was a little bit invisible.

Basically, when I was 16, I wouldn't have had the confidence to make YouTube videos like I do today. 

I came out of my shell whilst at uni & embraced my inner geek and looked for more geeky stuff I could enjoy. I also started to proudly show off the geeky things I enjoyed, both online and off.

I love the fact that people can literally wear a "geek" badge, on t-shirts, jackets, etc. I don't even mind that non-geeks are wearing them - it's kinda funny honestly, and an amazing sign that geeks can be proud to be themselves without being worried or scared (at least not to the extent that generations before them have been). Although, I personally feel that actual geeks don't usually wear t-shirts with just "geek" written on them, just geeky t-shirts in general...

[Edit: a Facebook user named Callum replied to the picture shown below & told me how a girl shouted "F**king geek!!!" at him whilst she was actually wearing a jumper with "GEEK" on it. Perhaps stupider people don't realise it's labelling the wearer and assume it's like wearing a jumper with "you're a tosser" on it?]

However, I saw this today and it made me want to punch something.


Whoever owns this pillow is a hipster, a wannabe hipster or someone wishing to mock hipsters.

I can understand the specs - both geeks and hipsters wear thick-framed glasses. However, the geeks that wear them wear them so they can READ a statement, not so they can MAKE a statement.

But the MOUSTACHE?! That is NOT a symbol of geekdom. Some geeks may happen to have moustaches, but moustaches are not inherently linked to geeks or show how much of a geek someone is.

Moustaches DO often show how much of a hipster a guy is - usually on younger guys. The flouncier the moustache, the bigger the hipster.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the word "geek" is merely put in there ironically, as glasses and moustaches together symbolise hipsters, and hipsters effing LOVE irony.

Either that or the designers at Primark just stamped a load of shit onto a pillow because they thought people would be stupid enough to buy it, and they couldn't be bothered to work out the difference between a hipster and a geek

Yeah... My guess is on the second one.

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  1. The culture just can't catch a break. I mean this type of thing, the "fake nerd girls" thing (biggest crock of bull in existence but in short the argument is really stupid), and the oh so many problems with discriminatory trolls in the nerd/geek communities (some of which you were victim to, dumbasses)and now the mainstream is doing this shit.
    My brain hurts...