Saturday, 27 July 2013

Some of my favourite tweets from #asktommyrobinson

So, today on Twitter, there was an amazing trending tag. 

It was set up by Tommy Robinson - aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka leader of the English Defence League - for people to ask him serious questions regarding the EDL and their ideologies (for those that don't know who the EDL are, they are very anti-muslim and are basically massive ignorant racists who shout about being English, but don't even know how to write/speak it).

Some examples of EDL members...

This, however, did not happen. Instead it was hijacked by the Twitter community and thousands of tweets appeared, asking some pretty fantastic and hilarious questions.

I list some of my favourite tweets below for you to enjoy.

And finally, a cheeky couple of my own that got a few retweets:

Silly EDL...

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  1. Ha! The more I hear about the EDL, the less seriously I take them. Though it does usually cause quite a stir when they kick off in Dudley...