Friday, 9 August 2013

An example of what happens when you confront an arsehole

Hey everyone.

Now I'm guessing if you're here, you've already seen my video about trolls and arseholes (if you haven't, you should totally go watch it).

I gave some advice in there and I feel that I should show you that I have used my advice and it has worked. I went through some old comments and messages and found this rather unique example that happened a few months ago, wherein I exposed a flamer.

Someone left this comment on a video of mine:

I decided to use one of my tactics of mocking the poster by correcting their spelling.

His post was down-voted into oblivion, whilst mine got (and still has) lots of likes. 

I later got a private message from the person who left the comment, apologising if they offended me and explaining that they were just trying to wind people up (i.e. confessing to being a flamer).

I decided to explain what he really meant, explain how YouTube works and explain my feelings on the idea of just trying to start arguments online for no good reason.

He didn't seem to like this, and also came up with reasons (read: crappy excuses) as to why he was trying to piss off strangers online.

I decided to explain some things to him. Again.

He apologised (and tried to pop in something weird about good/bad things).

I didn't find any more sent messages to him, so I must've felt he'd learnt his lesson (or I just couldn't be arsed explaining any more stuff to him). However, I would just like to point out that yes we all do stupid things from time to time, but you don't need people to do bad things in order for people to do good things. That is a load of bollocks. Sorry.

Anyway, I have blocked out the name because I don't want anyone going off to find him to start a stupid fight or anything; I've already given him a piece of my mind and he admitted he "was acting like a prick". He also doesn't seem to have tried to start any wars on my recent videos and I'm happy with that (he's either learnt his lesson or he's scared of me...not But, if I do see him trying anything again, I will not hesitate to confront him.

I just wanted to show that if people stand up to arseholes, and others band together with them like my viewers banded behind my comment and downvoted the flamer's, they might just feel a bit embarrassed and feel they have to apologise (even if it is in private).

Seriously. Confronting. Liking/disliking. Explaining. It works.


  1. :)Nowadays you get called a grammar nazi if you correct someones spelling.But it's still worth seeing the reaction ;)that guy/girl just got PWNED

  2. I don't think that Ellen's "grammar nazi" if you want other people to spell the words correctly... especially if it's the guy's first language... I always do this myself, 'cause I really hate people who totally ignore grammar and make excuses like "but it's internet, not school"... so I can pretty much understand that :)