Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Other names Microsoft could've given to the Xbox One

I have a LOT to say about the Xbox One, but for now I'm just going to focus on the name.

I understand what they are trying to achieve with the name, to show that it is "all your entertainment needs in one box", and gamers' first choice for next-gen gaming, but it's just not the first Xbox.

So, here are some alternatives I came up with:
  • Xbox Focus
  • Xbox Central
  • Xbox Singularity
  • Xbox Single
  • Xbox all the Single Ladies...?
  • Xbox...
  • Xbox... 
Ok... I guess Xbox One is a lot more consumer friendly than the ones I came up with... The ex-maths student in me just has an issue with the video game industry naming series of things with the wrong numbers (I love you, Rockstar, but I'm lookin' at you!)...


  1. i like the name xbox one to me it says that it's the first xbox for the next-gen consoles

  2. Things should get better on E3. That will be the time when they try to talk about games. (I think they try to mimic Sony's advertising strategy but it leads to an epic fail)