Thursday, 3 January 2013

Little fishy took the bait... ^-^

Well it seems my little plan worked...

When I first saw some of the comments left by a certain pair, I wanted to share my "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA are you seriously still on my channel?! Grow up." reaction with the world. When I first saw the comments there was a feeling of pure disbelief - were they seriously still trying to bug people after all this time? Are they really that bitter? Do they have nothing better to do...? It was bloody hilarious.

So I thought I'd make a video to paint a picture of how ridiculous the whole thing was and how stupid they were making themselves look - the lies, the threats, the hole-digging. It was just so funny to me and the prefect opportunity to show how being a cyberbully just makes you look like an arse. It would be my final word on the matter to say, "just give it up, you look really silly", but hopefully said in a more eloquent and humorous fashion.

BUT, instead of just making a video, I thought I'd turn the whole thing into an experiment - a game, if you will. I wanted to see if I was right, to see if they were indeed just stalking my channel after all this time to leave stupid little comments to try and "scare" or "bully" me off of YouTube. 
To do this, when I made my video, I did not tag them or include their names in the title or description - I made sure not to even say their names. The only use of their names was in the screenshots, which I was using as evidence and didn't want them to turn around and go "NER THAT WASN'T US! THAT COULD BE ANYONE!" if it was just text. It was something unavoidable, but also put there so they would know I was actually talking about them (seeing as they don't recall half the comments they leave online...).

Basically, I tried to make it so that the only way they would come across is it by following my YouTube channel, Twitter or Facebook, and the only way they would know it was about them is if they watched the video. If I got a reaction, they were proving me right. If I didn't get a reaction, then they'd got bored and moved on. Either way, I'd be happy.

Well, I signed into YouTube today to find a little message in my inbox. I double-checked the username and found it has been previously linked to him several times (I thought no one would be so stupid as to use a username so similar to a banned account, but hey...). It seems little fishy took the bait...!

My favourite part is when he calls me "troll bait" - the irony ^-^

A few things..:
  • I'm far from upset - I found the whole thing bloody hilarious!
  • I'm sorry, but I already played a little game, and you played along beautifully...
  • I don't care if I give someone more views by pointing out that they're acting like a spoilt child - views aren't everything, and if someone really wants to watch her videos, or subscribe to her because they like her videos or are just curious about them, then they can - that's fine by me (although I doubt she'll gain subscribers from my shining review...). And thank YOU for the views, as you must have watched my video to know I was talking about you.
  • "Troll bait" (in my humble opinion) is someone who reacts extremely angrily to trolls provoking them over pointless things. Your comments may be pointless, but - I hate to spell it out for you (again) - I wasn't reacting angrily. I was actually making fun of you...
  • I know what butthurt means, genius. But, butthurt is said to be derived from getting forcefully screwed in the rear, much like idiots say they "raped" someone if they beat them in a game. A couple of people have told me it's to do with spanking, but the first 'origin' is the explanation I've come across the most online, so many people must use it with that meaning. Either way it's a stupid word used by people to try and take focus off of themselves or their weak argument, by going "U JUST MAD I WON - NERRR", when actually the other person won ages ago and already went home with the trophy.
  • You could make a video, yes - but then YouTube will know for sure that you're using that account and ban that channel too...
  • It's "you have made no sense whatsoever" (yes, the last bit is all one word). I had to read that twice to work out what the hell you were saying. Again, the irony...
  • Also I like the really vague threat - I think the "Oh, and if you dare threaten me again, I will involve the police." line in the video description stopped you from being more specific. It also shows how brave you are that you sent it in a private message. It's easier to deny if only one person sees it, who you can then accuse of photoshopping any screenshots; the thing is, due to our differing behaviour, lots of people actually trust me and not many people trust you.
Anyway, thanks for reacting in the exact way I thought you would and proving me right. I've said all I have to say on this whole situation and will say nothing more (and I mean it this time, it's not just me baiting you again). I've had my fun. ^-^

Heed my words and grow up. If you were mature you would've ignored my video - in fact, you wouldn't have even seen it because you wouldn't have been stalking the account of someone who said something mean about your videos 10 months ago.

Feel free to scream and shout all you want, but it will do nothing. I will, however, put up any threats, stupid comments or whinging I receive from you onto the end of this post as evidence of your outstanding behaviour.

Oh, and...


I didn't block him straight away because I wanted to see if he would leave lots of angry comments. He did. Thanks! Now I can report you to YouTube!


  1. I like a girl who can use italics correctly ;)

  2. Bravo bravo, very well done. I love it when people prove your point for them and think they've come off looking better for it, delicious irony.

  3. Reading this was a great start to my day, or rather afternoon. XD You are the ultimate troll m'dear!

  4. I love You, in some crazy, platonic way but I do xD

  5. I first discovered you from the "reply girls" video, but you are my new hero.

  6. all his posts scream "INTERNET TOUGH GUY"

  7. In all honesty, I probably would have posted the same nasty, angry type of comments, Lol. But that is only because I've been known to act childishly over the Internet myself on more than one occasion in situations where my honor (lol) is being disparaged. Nothing against you prsonally, but, it's true: It is nearly impossible for me to step away from an Internet argument once one has broken out between myself and another determined to make me look bad. But yeah. When I read those comments, I didn't really think you needed to cast a spotlight on the person and go to all the senseless trouble of thoroughly explaining why their behavior was totally out of bounds when the comments themselves performed the tasks "beautifully" by their own merit. No context required, though I respect the ethic of providing one anyway. Always entertaining to watch the enmity unfold.