Saturday, 29 December 2012

How to look like an idiot on YouTube

Apologies for having to post about this person, but I just wanted to show everyone what "digging yourself into a hole" means.

I have been getting comments from her and her "not-boyfriend" on my videos again recently, and I think it's pretty hilarious that they're still sending me stuff months after the storm settled and I (along with everyone else on the Internet) had moved on...

Seriously, both of you, just give it up. You bore me and all you're doing is giving me material to completely pwn you with. I enjoy pwning people who threaten people with violence because they don't have enough intelligence to come up with a well-constructed argument other than "NERRRR IT WASN'T US. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS! NERRRRRR!"

Why the hell would I be jealous of someone most people on the Internet completely hate? Someone who goes round leaving nasty, spiteful and bitter comments to anyone who criticises their work or behaviour, even months afterwards?

The sad thing is, as much as she acts like she doesn't care what people think and acts like any attention is good attention - that she's made her money and that's it - I think it's a front. Her overreaction to negative feedback shows that. If it was just about the money, then she wouldn't be so defensive & constantly trying to paint herself as this innocent angel that she clearly isn't. She wants people to like her and tell her how amazing they think she is. 

To show this on a very basic level: I talk to my subscribers like they are my peers but sometimes lecture them, because I respect them but also want to challenge them on things. She gives hers kisses to the camera like they are her babies, because she desperately wants them to love her.

Anyway, here are the comments she left on my video recently, just in case she goes back and deletes them like the original one she left on it (because then she can say anyone who took a screenshot of it just used photoshop because it's not there anymore - genius logic...). I didn't photoshop these images, because I have better things to with my time. 

She must be a true fan of the Yogscast, because she really likes to diggy diggy hole...


Some Extras:

The threat her "non-boyfriend" sent me when my video blew up (there is no picture of him because I blocked him to shut him up).

She left a comment on my "Dear Reply Girls..." video after it blew up (I was actually in hospital when she posted this so didn't see it until it was already marked as spam). But she deleted it a few months later, as you can see:

Fortunately, I got a screenshot of this one she left on my channel (because she wanted to make sure I saw it so she posted it twice - shame that backfired on her). I almost want to frame

One of her "non-boyfriend"'s accounts leaving a comment on my Christmas video. I think the three likes are from him and her two accounts. Bitter much?

And this one in reply to a comment that said my "Dear Reply Girls..." will keep them subscribed to me forever (found this one 05/01/13).

I'm guessing it's him because the same account left this comment on another video regarding evidence being (surprise surprise) photoshopped:
Btw, you've spelt "parodies" wrong...

Edit 05/01/13 - I found a few more comments left by him... Definitely know it's him due to the death
Other comments:

Wow... the irony of those last two... both left on reply-type videos... 


  1. Megan is just pathetic, destroy her Ellen!

  2. Hey, Ellen you are one person I have respect for on such a major scale, do we even know if Mr.Genius over there is real?