Thursday, 8 April 2010

YES! Girls play violent games too!


  1. I often heard girls complaining about sexim in the video game player community. Sadly it's mostly justified. Girls who play are often harried or considered as Tomboys (is it the word?). That probably explain why there aren't many of them.
    But things are changing and despite of all this sexism, I see more and more girls playing. Sadly I notice that many of them play to counter those stereotypes (and sometimes earning some personal pride with it... lame -_-) They forget the whole purpose video games: fun, not some kind of "sex resistance".
    Of course i'm not systematicly blaming girls who play for this and fortunately I met some which were genuinely interested un games.

    PS: I quickly watched/read all your web publications and I had some questions that went to my mind then I wonder if I could get your email or something. I guess you had a lot of requests of that kind with a lot of "you're so cute" argument but don't freak out: I'm french so I won't buy a Ferry ticket just to hoot at your door ^^. It's just about chatting a bit, practicing my english and stuffs :)



  2. hey t, you know your right man. i agree so much. our cool. reply back.