Thursday, 8 April 2010

I have a go at some of the idiots out there on the interwebs


  1. heres a quote from a girl game i know.
    i said to her while playing halo 3
    "dont you like violent video games?", because she just said that she prefers mario cart, to which she replied
    "no, i love violent games, they are really fun, im just really bad at them"
    to which she shot me out the sky with the normal rocket launcher. not very good... yeah right

  2. I just ran across this youtube video and i agree fully with you i find that the guys on live can be completely sexist sometimes. I have my good friend Hexy and her and i have open contest one on one of MD2 and she can kick ass with the best of them. Honestly i love seeing girl gamers out there kicking guys asses, but the extra banter from it is just disgraceful and makes me ashamed to be a guy on live. Well anywho stay frosty and kick some ass.