Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Cystine Kidney Stones

So I have a rare condition called Cystinuria, which basically means my kidneys are super great at making special rare kidney stones. Wooooooo...

I was in hospital a couple of weeks ago with intense kidney pains, but with a little bit of help from the Nurses & Drs (and drugs, lots of drugs), I managed to pass the 0.7mm stone myself along with lots of smaller stones, or "gravel"; this meant I avoided the need for surgery to get it out & could go home the day after. Wooo!

For those of you who are curious to see these rare stones I make (as I know many people are, because people often ask what they look like), here is a picture I took for my records & to show my consultant at a different hospital down in London (I'm currently up in bonnie Scotland). 

WARNING: this photo also includes some of my pee. Enjoy!


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  1. hey i didn't know that about you, how do i say this....i know the feel, 'cause i use to have that illness, but somehow it become a chronical kidney desease, then i lost my both kidney, and went to dialisis, but hey good news, my sister gave me a kidney 2 years ago, and now im fine....but...glad you are ok :), and seriously take care