Monday, 3 June 2013

The Uninvited Guest

There was an incident with a large spider in my room last night. This is the post I wrote afterwards to my friends on Facebook so that I didn't feel so alone...:

"There is a spider in my room. After a massive battle (me seeing it crawl under my desk, then me squeaking & poking my bin underneath with a coat hanger until it ran back out) I caught it under a mug & slipped some paper underneath, but now I'm too scared to move it (it's effing massive). I don't want to wake anyone up to get rid of it, so I've labelled it in case someone comes in in the morning & picks up the random mug in the middle of the floor & unknowingly releases the demonic creature within."

Follow-up comment:
"After a horrible dream about it escaping (not fun), my mum came in & got it this morning & my room is now spider-free! She also agreed that it was massive & said I was very brave for even going near it. She obviously didn't hear all the panicked breathing and the 'ohhhhh nonononononononononononoooo... Please no... Don't hide under there you little ****!'"

Sooo....yeah.... That was me going mental on Facebook to calm myself down... 

I honestly have no idea where I got the strength to go near the thing. It must've been pure adrenaline - I knew I couldn't sleep with it wandering around free in my room so I just woke up; I knew I just had to trap it until the morning or I'd get no sleep (read: I had to trap it because I was scared that I'd wake up with a spider on my face in the middle of the night). I didn't want to wake up anyone else to do it, so it had to be me. I poked the bin it was hiding by, it ran back out and directly towards me *shudders*, at which point I shoved my NMBCM mug over it (Jack Skellington saves the day!). I think a big part of it was that my carpet is so dark and the lights had been off so, when I turned them on to find the spider, it wasn't too bright; this all meant that I mostly just saw a rough shape, rather than something I'm terrified of. If my carpet had been beige or my room a little bit brighter, I might've found it impossible to go near it.

Also, the spider is fine & was released in to the garden this morning - I don't like killing them, I just need them far away from me...

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