Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I'm allowed to complain about Thatcher

Ok. So I wanted to write something about this woman before, but I thought I'd let things play out and remark upon the whole thing, mainly comments from people I have seen and heard. So now, a week after her funeral, I know what I'd like to say.

You see, there are some things that have been said over & over again by so many people, and I would just like to address a few of them.

1. "People who weren't born or were still being potty trained when she left power can't say anything about her"

So does that mean anyone born after 1945 isn't allowed to think Hitler was an arsehole or say the holocaust was horrifying? Does that mean that anyone born after 1968 isn't allowed to say that Martin Luther King Jr. played a huge part in the civil rights movement? I could go on... 

To be honest, if that argument was any good, it would mean history wouldn't be taught in schools - I mean, what's the point? We can't say anything about it, because we weren't born yet...

I'm sorry, but just because we weren't old enough to remember when she was in power, doesn't mean we can't learn about what she did from books, parents, teachers, etc. Also, we grew up affected by her policies, as shown by this brilliant blog post here (go read it, or else).

2. "Someone has died, show some respect"

Don't use her death as an opportunity to shut people up - most people who are complaining now have complained about her for YEARS. Also I feel that people have a right to voice their anger that £10m was spent on her funeral at a time when everyone is facing cuts.

When Hitler died, did everyone who hated him suddenly have to be nice about him? No.

Respect is earned by what someone did in their life, not automatically dished out at death.

3. "You should respect her for what she achieved, becoming the first female Prime Minister"

Oh I can respect her for that. Doesn't mean I have to like her though.

That being said, I don't respect David Cameron one bit, so why should I respect the person he gets most of his ideas from?

4. "She put Britain back on the map"

Really? I wasn't aware we fell off it... Oh you mean politically? Oh ok. Well I guess the way she did it was the only way and I'm sure the millions who ended up unemployed or dead from her actions really appreciate that.

5. "Now is not the time to complain"

This is similar to point 2, but is all about timing. We shouldn't be complaining about her past because she's only just died.

Yes, it's sad that a family has lost a loved one, and we should let them grieve. But the world must remember that people grieved years ago as people died thanks to her policies - those people are allowed to be angry.

Whilst I wasn't out burning effigies on the day of her funeral, I could understand why others were; they didn't want the world to have a rose-tinted view of someone who was far from perfect and caused a great deal of suffering. And again, people have every right to be angry that so much was spent on such a hated woman when so many important things are facing cuts (like the A&E I rely on).

I personally ignored the funeral. Why? Because, honestly I don't care about her death. Why? Because she didn't seem to care about people (at least not the poor ones).

Also, whilst some are dancing on her grave, we must remember that Thatcherism is still very, very much alive today.


  1. It should be pointed out that she actually didn't want a Gov-funded funeral. That £10m is just our Government being stupid... Again...

  2. But if your looking for just one good thing to say about her...She invented Mr Whippy Ice Cream.