Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Boycott Kraft?

I've decided to boycott Kraft now that they've backed down on their promise to keep one of their UK factories open and 400 jobs are going to be lost just weeks after buying out the UK's beloved chocolate company, Cadbury's.

When looking at all the people saying they were going to do so on Twitter, I thought "i can do this too!". Then Phil Jupitus (@jupitusphillip on twitter) posted this:

Crap. They own like, everything. Big problem for me is Mikado and Daim... I'll just have to deal with it though... *sobs*

Fortunately the everything they own is bad for people anyway. Coffee, Chocolate, processed Cheese, crappy Childrens packaged meals (i.e. lunchables), vegemite and cup-a-pasta or whatever it is. It's all processed crap that we shouldn't be eating in the first place.

Some people are afraid that by boycotting Kraft, more workers will lose their jobs - but the WHOLE POINT of this is that we're saying that if they don't close the factory, we will buy their stuff again. It's like workers going on strike but hopefully more affective as we're the ones that give them money, not the other way round. If anyone knows of a petition to add to the cause and make Kraft listen to consumers, please put it as a comment on this post. Thanks!

So, this Lent, why not give up everything Kraft? You'll be standing up for people losing their jobs and you'll probably get a lot thinner too...

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